Peach Vine Syrup, 25cl


Peach Vine Syrup provides a rare sensation: that of biting into a ripe peach with a juicy and sweet taste.

In the great tradition of Provence, it will give all the fruity flavours of the South to your drinks, all your desserts and fruit salads….



Handcrafted product, bottle of 25 cl.

Ingredients: cane sugar, water, vine peach 12%, aroma (vine peach) 0,4%.

Tasting suggestions:
– Traditional: 1 part syrup to 5 to 7 parts water or lemonade.
– In kir with a dry white wine or a sparkling wine.
– As a topping on balls of ice cream, on a pancake…
– Mixed in a milk drink, to sweeten fruit salads, yoghurts, cottage cheese or Swiss cheese.

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