Terms of Sales

Our primary concern at Espace Terroirs is the complete satisfaction of our client-internauts. The objective of these General Terms and Conditions of Sale is to provide all the necessary elements to resolve any dispute as quickly as possible and at the lowest possible cost.

ARTICLE 1: Identification of the seller


The following contractual provisions establish the general conditions of sale of products offered by the SARL A2S SUD TERROIR, sign ESPACE TERROIRS, a limited liability company with a capital of 8,000Euros, whose head office is at 45, chemin des Castors, 06130 GRASSE, France, Tel: 04 93 77 83 23, email: contact@espaceterroirs.com and registered in the Trade and Companies Register of Grasse under SIREN number 831 414 909.

ARTICLE 2: Scope of application of the general conditions of sale


The present general terms and conditions of sale govern the contractual relationship between Espace Terroirs and its client, both parties accepting them without reservation.

They apply to all orders, whether they come from individuals, professionals, merchants or companies.
These contractual stipulations determine the RIGHTS and OBLIGATIONS of Espace Terroirs and its co-contractor within the framework of distance selling of goods offered by Espace Terroirs on its WEB site.
They take precedence over any other conditions appearing in any other document, unless a prior, express and written derogation is made. They are applicable in France and abroad.

ARTICLE 3: Dispute Resolution

This contract is subject to French law.
The products offered for sale comply with French regulations. If necessary, it is up to foreigners to check with local authorities the possibilities of using the products they intend to order; Espace Terroirs cannot be held responsible in case of non-compliance with the regulations of a country where the product is delivered.
In the event of a dispute, it will fall under the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of GRASSE (France).

ARTICLE 4 : Presentation of products

Espace Terroirs informs its contracting party of all the essential characteristics of the properties for sale. The qualitative and quantitative characteristics are described in the descriptions of the products offered.
Generally speaking, these characteristics concern the dimensions, weights, quantities, colours and components of the goods offered.
These characteristics appear in support of photographs illustrating the offer but which have only an indicative value and do not enter into the contractual field. There may be a discrepancy between the photographic description of the product and what it is exactly.

ARTICLE 5: Availability

The products offered by Espace Terroirs are in principle available from the manufacturer or in stock. The offer is valid while stocks last. In case of an order for a product that has become unavailable, the customer will be informed of this unavailability as soon as possible by email or mail.
Nevertheless, the co-contracting party has the possibility to reserve a product that has become temporarily unavailable. In this case, the manufacturing delays will be displayed as an indication in the description of the unavailable product and will be transmitted by email to the customer. These deadlines do not enter into the contractual field. Consequently, Espace Terroirs cannot be held responsible for any delays.

ARTICLE 6 : Product prices

The price shown on the website is final. It is indicated in Euro, all taxes included, excluding shipping costs and is defined on the basis of the rates in force at the time the order is registered.
The possible amounts indicated in other currencies are only indicative.
Espace Terroirs may modify its prices at any time. The prices indicated are established on the basis of the economic conditions in force. If these conditions should be modified, for any reason whatsoever (duties and taxes, exchange rates,…), the prices invoiced would be likely to vary according to the evolution of these conditions.
Transport costs are at the customer’s expense and are specified in the virtual shopping cart at the end of the selection of the different products by the customer.
The taxation rules concerning Value Added Tax (VAT) are those applicable to a French or French-speaking consumer or a consumer belonging to the European Community. For purchasers ordering a product from a country outside the European Community, the price is exclusive of tax.
There is no customs duty for products delivered in France or the European community.
For other countries, customs taxes may possibly apply depending on the products. It is up to the customer to contact the customs services of his country to make a customs declaration if necessary. Espace Terroirs can in no way be held responsible for any additional costs related to customs taxes.

ARTICLE 7 : Formation and conclusion of the sales contract

7.1/ Order

Espace Terroirs undertakes to deliver the products in accordance with the buyer’s request.
When the consumer confirms the order by clicking on the icon “ORDER” or “ORDER”, he is then contractually bound with Espace Terroirs in the sale of the product concerned subject to the legal right of withdrawal stipulated in Article 11, 2.

7.2/ Acceptance of the order

The conclusion of the contract is subject to acceptance of the order by Espace Terroirs.
Validation of payment implies acceptance of the order. Espace Terroirs undertakes to confirm to the buyer the acceptance or refusal of his order by any means of communication at his disposal (telephone, email) within 48 hours (forty-eight hours) after receipt of his order.
Espace Terroirs reserves the right not to record a payment and not to record an order for any reason whatsoever, in particular for a supply problem or a foreseeable problem concerning the delivery to be made.

ARTICLE 8: Payment

The payment of orders is made by check, credit card or bank transfer.

  • Payment by credit card :

Espace Terroirs has chosen the Paypal secure transaction system, a secure payment system. It guarantees the confidentiality of banking information.
Once the order form has been validated, the buyer goes directly to the secure tele-payment system to enter his credit card number and to validate the payment. Debits are made in EUROS.
Only orders whose credit card has received the authorization of the banking group will be honored. Payment is in principle irrevocable. However, the buyer may demand the cancellation of the payment in the event of fraudulent use of the card, the corresponding sums having then to be re-credited or returned.
Only the following cards are accepted: Carte Bleue, Visa and MasterCard.

  • Payment by check :

It is carried out in Euros. The buyer must send to Espace Terroirs the printed shopping cart signed and accompanied by the payment made out to Espace Terroirs. The order is confirmed upon receipt of the cheque. The delivery will be made as soon as the amount of the order has been cashed.

  • Payment by bank transfer :

At the buyer’s request, Espace Terroirs will accept or not the transfer of the sums corresponding to the products ordered and shipping costs in addition, to the buyer’s bank account. The delivery will be made as soon as the amount of the order has been received.

ARTICLE 9 : Transport and delivery

Espace Terroirs has a free choice of carrier.


For available products, Espace Terroirs undertakes to ship the products ordered to the address indicated by the buyer within 5 days of acceptance of the order (See Article 7.2).
If the products are unavailable or being restocked, a new delivery time will be communicated to the customer as soon as possible under the terms of Article 5. In case of stock shortage, Espace Terroirs reserves the right to deliver a product offering identical characteristics in quantity and quality.
However, the customer will have the right to cancel the order OR to ask for an exchange of the product OR a refund under the terms of article 11.
The refund will be made within a maximum period of thirty (30) days.


The buyer undertakes to pay the price of transport or delivery costs when placing the order. The buyer undertakes to indicate an address to which delivery can be made during working hours and on working days.
For countries outside the EEC, the buyer undertakes to pay, in addition to the price of the delivery, the customs duties and customs presentation fees, VAT and other taxes due on importation into the country of the place of delivery.
No returns will be accepted for non-payment of customs duties .


Espace Terroirs undertakes to deliver the products ordered to the address indicated by the buyer.
In the event of a possible delay in delivery of more than 20 days and not due to a case of force majeure or with the characteristics of force majeure, the buyer has the right to cancel the contract under the conditions of article L 114-1 of the Consumer Code, i.e. by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt within sixty working days from the date indicated for delivery.
The transport risk is borne by the buyer who, in the event of delivery damage or missing items, shall specify his reservations on the delivery note and confirm them within three days of delivery by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt, addressed to the carrier with a copy to Espace Terroirs.
In the event of the absence of the recipient or of a person who can take possession of the products, the carrier will leave a delivery notice indicating a place where the products can be collected.
Espace Terroirs cannot be held responsible for any deterioration of the products in case of late withdrawal from the carrier or in case of non withdrawal of the products.
Espace Terroirs cannot be held responsible for the obligation of shipment or delivery in all cases of force majeure and in particular, without the list being exhaustive, in the event of total or partial strike, natural disasters, damage.
All cases of force majeure or with the characteristics of force majeure constitute a cause for extinction of Espace Terroirs’ shipping and delivery obligation, without any compensation to the buyer.

ARTICLE 10: Transfer of ownership

The transfer of ownership of the goods delivered or to be delivered shall be suspended until full payment of the price by the buyer. Espace Terroirs remains the owner of the products until full payment is received.

ARTICLE 11 : Return of products, refund, retraction


Reservations can only be made at the time of delivery of the products in the event of a delivery that does not conform to the order in terms of quantity or when the packaging containing the products has been seriously damaged.
Reservations must be made to the carrier at the time of delivery or no later than 72 hours after delivery to the carrier. A copy of these reservations must be sent within 24 hours of delivery to the customer at Espace Terroirs by e-mail. It is advisable to attach to this e-mail the carrier’s confirmation of the reality of the reservations, the reason for the return and the invoice number to which it relates.
In case of delivery that does not conform quantitatively, Espace Terroirs will only reimburse the difference in price, and only if the products delivered are cheaper than those ordered and paid for.
If the products have been badly damaged Espace Terroirs reserves the right to refund the price paid or to replace the damaged part or batch.


The buyer has the right to withdraw from its contractual commitment in accordance with Article 121-16 of the Consumer Code.
The buyer has a period of 7 working days from the delivery of his order to return the product to the seller for exchange or refund without penalty except for the cost of return. In the event that the buyer exercises this right of retraction, he will be responsible for the organization and the costs of returning the refused product. The returned product must imperatively be in its original packaging, intact, clean and accompanied by all accessories, instructions and other documentation.


All refunds will be made by bank transfer.
The beneficiary of the refund must send to Espace Terroirs, by any means, his bank details.
The French costs of reimbursement will be borne by Espace Terroirs. Espace Terroirs cannot be held responsible for any reimbursement of costs requested by the bank of the beneficiary of the reimbursement.

ARTICLE 12 : Customer relationship


For any information, question or complaint, the customer may contact the Espace Terroirs store, 45 chemin des Castors, 06130 Grasse, France, from Monday to Saturday, from 9:30 am to 7:00 pm, by phone at +33 4 93 77 83 23 or by e-mail at contact@espaceterroirs.com.

ARTICLE 13: Personal information

The personal data provided by the customer are not distributed to third parties; they are, unless expressly opposed by the customer, integrated into the customer file of the company Espace Terroirs. In accordance with law 78-17 of 6 January 1978, the customer has the right to access and rectify this data at any time. To exercise this right, simply contact Espace Terroirs (see Article 12).

ARTICLE 14: Intellectual Property

All the texts, comments, illustrations and images reproduced on the website are reserved under copyright as well as intellectual property rights and for the whole world. As such and in accordance with the provisions of the Intellectual Property Code, only use for private use subject to different or even more restrictive provisions of the Intellectual Property Code. Any other use constitutes counterfeiting and is punishable under the Intellectual Property Code, unless prior authorisation has been obtained from Espace Terroirs. Any total or partial reproduction of the Espace Terroirs catalogue is strictly forbidden.